Supahook Bottle Top Hook

Bottle Top Tarpaulin Hooks

A pack of two bottle top hooks, turn 2 litre drinks bottles into winter cover weights.

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Supahook Bottle Top Hooks (FX230)


Bottle Top Tarpaulin Hooks Information

The Bottle Top Tarpaulin Hook pack contains two plastic hooks which feature a standard bottle top thread allowing them to be attached to 2 litre drinks bottles.

The hooks allow you to reuse bottles as tarpaulin (winter cover) weights, home made bird feeders or hanging storage containers.

To use the hooks as a tarpaulin weight, fill an old 2 litre drinks bottle with water, attach the bottle top hook to the bottle and attach the hook to an eyelet on the tarpaulin or winter cover. It is a good idea not to completely fill the bottle with water to allow some room for expansion should the water freeze.

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