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Bowman DC60-XAA Oil Cooler

A Bowman DC60-XAA tubular oil cooler that can be used for cooling engine or gearbox oil.

By Bowman : DC60-XAA
Part #: EG080
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Bowman DC60-XAA Oil Cooler

The Bowman DC60-XAA tubular oil cooler utilises a network of water coolant pipe work to cool heated oil that passes through the oil cooler cooling unit.

When warm oil passes through the water cooled cooling unit chamber the oil is cooled and run through the oil system. The cooling process continues when in use to help maintain a suitable operating temperature.

Possible Substitute for Discontinued Products​

Thornycroft 54382359 (Oil Cooler).

Bowman DC60-XAA Oil Cooler Specifications

Length 284mm
Width 72mm
Height 70mm
Oil Connection Threads Female 3/8" BSP
Water Connections 22mm
Max Horse Power Rating 54hp

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