British Seagull EP90 Gear Oil

British Seagull EP90 Gear Oil

British Seagull® EP90 Gear Oil for British Seagull Outboards fitted with sealed gearboxes.

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British Seagull EP90 Gear Oil (ACC17000)

By: British Seagull, Part No.: ACC17000

British Seagull EP90 Gear Oil Information

This British Seagull®​ EP90 Outboard engine gear box oil is suitable for all British Seagull engines fitted with sealed gearboxes.

This classic oil for British Seagull Outboard engines lubricates the gearbox parts and must be topped up every 15 hours running. Once a season, preferably when laying up, the box should be completely drained and refilled. Under no circumstances must grease be used in the gearbox.

For convenience the correct British Seagull Outboard gearbox oil level is shown on the Gear Oil label or in more detail in the engine handbook (LIT05). Over filling on gearshift models may affect gear selection or engagement.

British Seagull EP90 Gear Oil Specification

Quantity 500ml

Please note: It is important to use the correct gear oil in the right gearbox and to the specified level. If you are unsure please contact British Seagull Outboards on 01491 652755.