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British Seagull Outboard Fuel Tap

Made in the United Kingdom

The British Seagull® replacement metal fuel tap for all British Seagull models except the Model 125 and Model 170.

British Seagull Outboard Replacement Metal Fuel Tap

By British Seagull : 1307BP
Part #: 1307BP
Availability: Good Availability


British Seagull Outboard Fuel Tap

The British Seagull® fuel tap includes the integral brass tube filter (located inside the fuel tank) together with a fibre washer for re-fitting and a plastic hose clip. This tap has the screw thread suitable for the British Seagull fuel tank outlet but now has a hose ferule on the output side for the hose leading to the carburettor.

The British Seagull Outboard Metal Fuel Tap Overhaul Kit is available which allows the cork washer on the centre plunger to be changed and the British Seagull Fuel Tap Plunger has the cork washer already fitted to a new plunger so it is ready to carefully push into the tap body and locates with the screw.

Which British Seagull Outboards is this suitable for?

This part is suitable for all British Seagull Outboard engines except Model 125 and Model 170.


Previous Historic Part Numbers 1307

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