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British Seagull Outboard TRN40700 Water Pump Kit

Made in the United Kingdom

The British Seagull® Outboard TRN40700 water pump kit including the rotor, the joint plate and fixing bolts.

British Seagull Outboard Water Pump Kit - TRN40700

By British Seagull : TRN40700
Part #: TRN40700
Availability: In Stock

British Seagull Outboard TRN40700 Water Pump Kit

This British Seagull® Outboard engine water pump kit includes the rotor, the joint plate, fixing bolts and guidance sheet for changing the water pump rotor in your British Seagull outboard engine.

Which kit is suitable for my engine?

This British Seagull Water Pump Kit is ​suitable for SJM, F, GF, FS, GFS, EF, EFS, AF, SEF, TSEF, EGF, SJP, FP, GFP, EFP, EFPW, AFPW, EGFPW, LLS, W, S, WS engines.

What's Included

Please Note

A lack of water flow can also be because the engine is positioned too deeply in the water. They, also, much prefer hanging off the back of your boat than to be running in the ‘Wheelie’ bin! This can, though, be a short term testing or flushing option.

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