Build Your Own V-Twin Motorcycle Engine

Build Your Own V-Twin Motorcycle Engine

A fun, build-your-own, V-Twin motorcycle petrol engine model that goes some way to help build an understand to motor bike enigne design - watch it fire into life once built too!

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Build Your Own V-Twin Motorcycle Engine (GW704)


Build Your Own V-Twin Motorcycle Engine Information

This build-your-own V-Twin motorcycle petrol engine toy model is an excellent way to begin to understand how a modern, fast petrol engine is designed and built. By following the simple and clear step-by-step instructions, children and adults alike, can learn how to build an engine that really works - albeit as a model; unfortunately it won't power your boat up and down stream but it's fun to see it all come to life once built.

Although this is a simplified version of a real-working engine the building experience does highlight the major components of a motor cycle engine with real engine terms and explanations. When everything is in order and the timing is right, you can start your engine and watch it purr - looking through the translucent engine casing at all the moving parts.

Experience the thrill of real motorcycle V-Twin engine sound effects and illuminating bulbs that imitate the spark plugs.

This engine construction model should keep budding engineers, young and old (10 and over), entertained during the Christmas festivities - marvelling in the achievement when fully complete and running smoothly! A step-by-step guide is included to avoid any building frustrations along the way!

Build Your Own V8 Combustion Engine Specifications

Batteries 3x AA (not included)