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Canopy Slide Kits with Chrome Fittings

A complete boat canopy slide kit solution with chrome & stainless steel canopy bar fittings to help improve boat canopy access.

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Stainless Steel Canopy Slide Kit Complete - Short (HF655A)


Stainless Steel Canopy Slide Kit Complete - Long (HF655B)


Canopy Slide Kits with Chrome Fittings Information

This boat canopy slide kit allows for canopy bar movement when installed to help improve access to and from the cockpit of the boat. It ensures that the canopy bars are not only able to be positioned for easy access but they can then be moved along the track so that the bars can be stowed correctly when the canopy is not in use.

The stainless steel slide track provides a channel for the slide fittings to go through. Manufactured with equally spaced counter sunk fixing holes to accept counter sunk screws so that they are flush with the track; so as not to protrude and prevent the sliding function.

The slide track accepts the canopy slide units which are chrome plated and slide back and forth within the track. They are chrome plated solid metal hood fittings that provide a very sturdy connection for hood bars. Hood bars can be under a certain amount of strain with the weight of the hood and any possible build up of water when it rains. These fittings provide excellent strength to your hood bars.

This kit is complete with the plastic track end stops that fit directly into the end of the slide track with counter sunk fixing holes and the canopy bar end plugs to connect to the track sliders along with the canopy slide stoppers.

The kit comes complete with:

  • Slide tracks (x2)
  • Canopy slide units (x2)
  • Canopy slide stoppers (x4)
  • Canopy end plugs (x2)
  • Track end stops (x2)

Canopy Slide Kit Specifications

  HF655A HF655B
Slide Track Length 61cm 91cm

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