Challenger ISO Automatic Blue Life Jacket
  • Challenger ISO Automatic Blue Life Jacket
  • Challenger ISO Automatic Blue Life Jacket
  • Challenger ISO Automatic Red Life Jacket

Challenger ISO Automatic Life Jackets

Lightweight, slim line, 'one-size-fits-all' adult ISO automatic inflatable lifejackets that inflates and provides buoyancy automatically on immersion in water.

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Challenger ISO Automatic Red Life Jacket (SY036B)

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Challenger ISO Automatic Blue Life Jacket (SY036A)

By: International Safety Products

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Challenger ISO Automatic Life Jackets Information

The Challenger ISO automatic life jackets are an unobtrusive, comfortable to wear, compact adult life jacket that are both as practical to wear for safety as they are for sailing down the river, on a lake or around the coast. The slim line design of the life jacket is non-intrusive to cruising activity as it is fairly lightweight, made from robust materials, ergonomically designed to sit suitably around the body with its tailored fitting and stylish silver threaded rim.

The Challenger life jacket produces 150 Newtons of buoyancy when inflated. The boating lifejackets are manufactured with an independent internal air bladder and robust exterior protection jacket. The exterior protection jacket is designed to prevent piercing of the internal air bladder and wraps around the air bladder and held together firmly with velcro. When the air bladder is inflated it forces the protective outer lay to pull apart from the velcro and release the brightly coloured, yellow, inflated bladder to provide 150 Newtons of buoyancy (which complies with ISO12402). It has a centre strap that runs along the back from top to bottom for strength and stability and comes complete with plastic buckle for fastening the lifejacket on and a fully adjustable waist belt to fit adults.

An automatic lifejacket refers to the way the air chamber is inflated. An automatic system works by way of a dissolvable crystal element that triggers the firing mechanism when dissolved by water submersion. With this automatic life jacket a manual pull cord is also easy to hand incase a problem occurs and the auto-inflation mechanism has not triggered.

Challenger Automatic Lifejacket Exterior

The robust protective outer cover is designed to be appealing to wear at all times when on a boat and an efficient protective cover for the internal air bladder and firing mechanism.

Key features:

  • Quick release waist buckle
  • Wrap-around adjustable waist strap
  • Secure velcro fastening (that will release if the bladder is inflated)
  • Stylish silver threaded trim around the rim.

Challenger Automatic Lifejacket Interior

The interior of the Waveline lifejacket is a completely independent air chamber which is brightly coloured yellow with several retro-reflective tape sections for heightened visibility.

Key features

  • Highly visible, bright yellow design
  • ISO 12402 rated
  • Fully independent air chamber
  • SOLAS retro-reflecting tape
  • 150 Newtons inflated lifejacket
  • Carbon Dioxide gas cylinder (33g)
  • Water dissolving crystal firing mechanism (fires when immersed in water)
  • Manual pull cord for inflating the air chamber if the automatic firing fails
  • Tube for oral inflation
  • Grab handle (for helping to hoist wearer out of the water)
  • Whistle secured to a lanyard is clipped inside the jacket for an audible signal.

These marine life jackets also come with a storage and transportation bag with handle.

Challenger Automatic Life jacket Specifications

Internal Colour Yellow
Buoyancy 150 Newtons
Standards Rating ISO 12402
For use in (as a guide only) Sheltered waters, costal & offshore with foul weather clothing.
Chest Diameter (min-max) Adjustable between 55-140cm

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