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Chimney Cowl Coolie Hats

Chimney cowl coolie hats.

Chimney Coolie Hat 17.8cm (7")

Part #: BC200A
Availability: In Stock

Chimney Coolie Hat 22.9cm (9")

Part #: BC200B
Availability: In Stock
SRP £17.20
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Chimney Cowl Coolie Hats

These chimney cowl coolie hats are designed to fit a number of common marine chimney diameters, the legs of the coolie hat are adjustable to suit and simply 'clip' inside the chimney.

A chimney cowl coolie hat is designed to increase the draft of a chimney and prevent backflow, they also provide protection from the rain, stopping it going down the chimney.

The chimney cowls are available in two common sizes (dimensions are approximate), the sizes refer to the diameter of the overall coolie hat and not the chimney diameter. The chimney covers come flat packed with a set of nuts and bolts to attach the legs to the hat.


  BC200A BC200B
Diameter 185mm (7 1/4") 234mm (9 1/4")
Colour Black

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