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Chrome Deck Filler

Flush mount, chrome plated deck filler for transfer of water or fuel with a raised, smooth, cap with hand grip around the rim.

Part #: TA055A
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Chrome Deck Filler

This chrome-plated boat deck filler is ideal for fuel or water use and the cap is raised from the deck for added elegance.

The screw cap has a serrated edge for better grip when twisting open or closed and the cap is secured via a wire to the filler unit to prevent losing the cap in the water. This wire is fitted with a ring connector so it compensates for the rotation of the cap when opening and closing so as not to knot the security wire.

Three counter sunk fixing holes help to ensure a secure fit. The Chrome Deck Filler Cap is the replacement cap should this be lost during use.


Height from Deck 16mm
Base Diameter 88mm
Filler Length 85mm
Filler Internal Diameter 52mm
Filler External Diameter 58mm

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