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Circuit Breaker Switch Panel

12 volt fused circuit breaker panel with illuminated switches and easy access fuse holders.

6 Way Fused Circuit Breaker

Part #: EL405
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Circuit Breaker Switch Panel

This boat electrical fused circuit breaker board is designed to be installed into 12 volt boat electrical systems. With illuminated switches and easy access fuse holders this electrical circuit breaker board brings power systems neatly together.

The boat switch panel is manufactured with a black aluminium panel and plastic switches and fuse holders. The wires are neatly cut to length for tidy connection between the switches and the fuse holders. The fused marine circuit breaker panel come with two pre-striped wires for connection to the existing 12 volt system.

Each panel comes complete with additional name stickers to suit a variety of requirements, fuses and fitting instructions. The boat switch panels can be installed using the four fixing holes.

Fused Circuit Breaker Specifications

Switches 6
Height 165mm
Width 115mm
Depth 60mm
Protrusion 5mm
Voltage 12v
Amps maximum 15 amps
Fuses 2x 5 amp, 2x 10 amp and 2x 15 amp
Please Note

Do not use a fuse rated over 15 amps. Do not attach any wires to the remaining terminal on the fuse holder.

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