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Circuit Tester

An LED circuit tester for measuring voltage and spark plug leads that is simple and easy to use.

LED Circuit Tester

Part #: EL930
Availability: No Longer Available
This product is no longer available for sale, please contact us and we will do our best to source it.

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Circuit Tester

This tester is useful for continuity testing, 3-12v DC voltage testing, 9v-12v battery testing, spark plug ignition voltage testing and live wire testing. Complete with light indicators to show results.

Continuity Tester

  1. Connect black clip to good vehicle (ground) earth
  2. Using piercing probe check along wire until no LED illuminates.

Identifying Live Wires

  1. Connect black clip to good vehicle (ground) earth
  2. Touch wire terminals at each end of wire
  3. If this is inconclusive, hook the wire and pierce the wire insulation.
  4. Observe LED display for live wire.

DC Voltage Testing (3v-12v)

  1. Connect black clip to ground or negative terminal of DC Voltage source
  2. Touch and hold the metal tester tip on the positive terminal of the DC voltage source (or other points on the circuit)
  3. Observe the LED display to determine intensity of voltage.

12V Vehicle Battery Testing

  1. Connect black clip to the negative battery terminal
  2. Touch and hold metal tip on positive battery terminal
  3. Observe LED display
  • 3v/6v On Battery Flat
  • 3v/6v/9v On Battery Low
  • 3v/6v/12v On Battery Charged

9v Vehicle Battery Testing

Repeat procedure for 12v

  • 3v/6v Faint Battery Weak or Dead
  • 3v/6v/9v On Battery Charged

EXTREME CAUTION: This test involves working around high voltage. Check Plug wire insulation. Avoid direct body contact with spark plug wires as insulation failure may result in shock. Through the tester, faulty insulation will only result in an unpleasant sensation.

Spark Plug Ignition Voltage Test

  1. Start and run engine at idle
  2. Do not let Black Clip come in contact with anything
  3. Hold the tester with index finger on the grounding screw
  4. Touch and hold metal tip to each of the spark plug wires.

High Voltage - indicated with flicker in the Spark Plug HT indicator. No illumination will indicate shorted plug, open circuit lead or other ignition fault. NOTE: The test can be repeated at higher rpm to increase intensity of LED.

WARNING: NOT suitable for 240 volt AC voltage.

Circuit Tester Specifications

Length 175mm
Width 18mm
Height 30mm
Please Note

It is important to read the enclosed instruction before use.

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