Compact 12 Volt Fan
  • Compact 12 Volt Fan
  • Compact 12 Volt Fan
  • Compact 12 Volt Fan
  • Compact 12 Volt Fan

Compact 12 Volt Fan

A 12 volt compact cooler fan with two speeds, tilting neck, ball joint and clip on base for easy attachment to boat rails and surfaces for improved air flow cooling on board.

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Compact 12 Volt Fan (EL5005)


Compact 12 Volt Fan Information

This 12cm (5") cooler fan is compact enough to install into several positions on-board and offers an integral two speed fan switch. Fitted with a fused 12 volt cigarette lighter plug, 2.5m extended power cable, tilting neck and ball joint base allowing you to direct the cool air in a variety of positions.

The fan can be mounted using the large clip for fixing to boat rails, windows and other surfaces. The 12v cigarette style plug can be pushed into a 12 volt equivalent cigarette socket, commonly found on boats, caravans, cars, lorries, trucks, motor homes and more.

Compact 12 Volt Fan Specification

Fan Diameter 120mm (5")
Height 180mm
Depth 110mm
Wire Length 1.7m (Flexibly Coiled)
Voltage 12v
Speeds 3.4w/4.5w

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