Dutton Lainson 6kg Sentinel Anchor Kit
  • Dutton Lainson 6kg Sentinel Anchor Kit
  • Dutton Lainson 8kg Sentinel Anchor Kit

Danforth Style Anchor Kits

A basic Danforth style anchor kit complete with Danforth style anchor, anchor chain, anchor rope and connecting shackle.

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Dutton Lainson 6kg Sentinel Anchor Kit (FE685A)


Dutton Lainson 8kg Sentinel Anchor Kit (FE685B)


Danforth Style Anchor Kits Information

Our thoughts...

The 6kg or 8kg sentinel anchor kits are popular choices for Freeman 22 and Freeman 23 owners as space at the bow of the boat is limited and the fluke ends maybe secured to rest on the bow rail which aides with stowage.

These Danforth style anchor kits are a handy selection of the most popular parts for a basic anchor kit. The anchor kits come complete with a Danforth style anchor, anchor chain (approximately 10m) and anchor rope (approximately 30m and a connecting shackle).

The Danforth style anchor provides a ready to release anchor as the flukes are pre-shaped to anchor without the need to 'setup' the anchor like you would with a grapnel anchor for example.

The Danforth style anchor is not as compact as a grapnel anchor, however, it could be stored quite easily on your boats pulpit rail, hanging out of the way, yet accessible in an emergency.

Can Customised Anchor Kits be made?

We offer these sentinel anchor kit as a basic kit based on popular choices but we can alter kits based on your preferences. For example, we are able to change the anchor chain length or anchor rope length and offer various other sizes of sentinel anchors etc. Please contact us for more information.

Danforth Style Anchor Kits Specification

  FE685A FE685B
Anchor Weight 6.2kg 8.2kg
Anchor Length 685mm 685mm
Anchor Width 530mm 560mm
Anchor Depth 140mm 140mm
Anchor Chain Length 10m 10m
Anchor Chain Diameter 8mm 8mm
Anchor Rope Length 30m 30m
Anchor Rope Diameter 12mm 12mm

Included in the Danforth Style Anchor Kits

  • Sentinel Anchor
  • Anchor Chain (x10m)
  • Marlow Anchor Braid Rope (x30m)
  • 'D' Shackle

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