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Guidi Sprung Deck Filler Key

A spring loaded adjustable deck filler key with two 5mm prongs.

Deck Filler Key

By Guidi : CH1180#000010
Part #: TT061
Availability: Good Availability
SRP £13.33
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Guidi Sprung Deck Filler Key

The metal deck filler key is adjustable to suit various pin widths (the pins are approximately 5mm diameter) opening deck filler caps (petrol filler cap, diesel filler cap, water filler cap, pump out cap, rinse filler cap etc.).

It works by spring action, the coil of metal is positioned to provide the adjustable size, simply squeeze the key to reduce size as required.


  TT016 TT061B
Length 188mm 155mm
Width (min-max) 42-100mm 30-50mm
Diameter 5mm 5mm
Material Steel Steel

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