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Deck Mount Flagstaff & Socket

Chrome plated flagstaff and deck mount socket with easy to remove flagstaff for stowage.

Chrome Flagstaff & Deck Mount Socket

Part #: ST046C
Availability: In Stock

Deck Mount Flagstaff & Socket

The chrome plated flagstaff features a hook at the top and an eye at the bottom making it easy to attach a flag, pennant of boat club burgee.

The chrome plated deck mount socket can be mounted to any flat surface with it's two fixing holes. The flagstaff itself is held into position with a spring loaded ball bearing grub screw on the underside so that the flagstaff (flag pole) can be easily removed for stowage when fitted.

Flagstaff and Socket Specifications

Flagstaff Length 500mm
Flagstaff Diameter 13mm (1/2")
Base Length 86mm
Base Width (min-max) 18-34mm
Base Height 24mm

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