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Plastimo Dock Corner Fender

A rectangular bulbous and durable dock corner fender for protection at mooring berths.

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Plastimo Dock Corner Fender (FR410B)

By: Plastimo, Part No.: 16340

Plastimo Dock Corner Fender Information

This dock corner fender is designed for protection at mooring berths. It is a very durable fender that when placed in the correct position it can help guard your boat from damage which may be caused by mooring on whilst your boat is moored when it is not in use. It features a flexible end section which means it can be placed around corners of varying degrees.

This particular corner fender is sometimes also used on the stern corners of boats as corner protection.

Boats do move around a lot when they are moored; other boats passing may create wash which could create violent movement and these quayside fenders can be a nice addition for protection to try to control stress and any damage to the side of your boat.

These dock fenders can be fixed using the eight fixing holes and come complete with an air valve to inflate/deflate as appropriate.

Plastimo Dock Corner Fender Specification

Length 484mm
Height 118mm
Depth 74mm

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