Dometic Coolmatic CRE-80 Fridge Freezer
  • Dometic Coolmatic CRE-80 Fridge Freezer
  • Dometic Coolmatic CRE-80 Fridge Freezer
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Dometic Coolmatic CRE-80 Fridge Freezer

A 12 or 24 volt refrigerator with separately insulated removable freezer compartment, low voltage protection and front facing door with built-in bottle holder and storage compartment.

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Dometic Coolmatic CRE-80 Fridge Freezer (RF027)

By: Dometic, Part No.: CRE-0080

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Dometic Coolmatic CRE-80 Fridge Freezer Information

This Dometic Coolmatic CRE refrigerator is a side loading fridge with a separately insulated, removable, freezer compartment and is ideal for keeping food and drinks cold onboard your boat or caravan. The Dometic Coolmatic CRE-80 has a 70.6 litre capacity fridge and a 7.5 litre capacity freezer unit yet has very usable dimensions for boats and caravans where space saving is a top priority.

Dometic Coolmatic CRE-80 Refrigerator Key Features

  • 12 or 24 volt power supply (with the ability to run on 230 volt with a Dometic/Waeco mains adapter)
  • 70.6 litre fridge capacity
  • 7.5 litre detachable freezer capacity, the freezer compartment can be removed to increase overall internal fridge space to 78 litres
  • Soft touch control panel with service maintenace lights
  • LED lit compartment with IR sensor for automatically switching on the light when the door is opened
  • Fully hermetic (airtight) refrigerator compressor unit with new heat-sync fan which improves performance and efficiency
  • LED services lights, blue LED indicates that the compressor is running while orange indicates compressor is switched off
  • Low voltage protection
  • Internal shelves, compartment and large door mounted drinks holder
  • Patented double door lock system with the ability to keep the door on vent while not in use
  • Variable door orientation option for left or right hand opening
  • Magnetic fridge door seal and freezer door seal for better efficiency
  • Integrated foam rear wall evaporator for optimal temperature distribution
  • Condensation drainage via separate hose connection or collecting tank

This boat fridge is designed to be run on a 12 volt or 24 volt system (although not included, a mains rectifier is also available if 230 volt supply is required) and has built-in low voltage protection meaning if your battery supply is too weak to operate the fridge at the operation setting it will automatically try to conserve power draw so that you have enough power left in the battery for other purposes (such as starting the engine).

All the small details have been included into this marine fridge to help make it as practical to use onboard as possible. For example, the lock system not only allows you to open and lock the door, it also lets you keep the door on vent to help air the fridge when it is not in use to prevent bad odours building up. The built-in drinks holder mounted to the door is an excellent use of space and perfect for the celebratory champagne bottle! When used on boats, the Dometic CRE 0080 can be subject to a short term constant inclination of 30°.

Dometic Coolmatic CRE-80 Fridge Freezer Specification

Colour Grey/Black
Fridge Capacity 70.6L (78L without freezer)
Freezer Capacity 7.5L
Voltage 12/24v
Height 640mm
Width 475mm
Depth 528mm
Amerage 6.5A (12v) / 3.1A (24v)
Voltage drop Cut-off Voltage 10.4v (12v) / 22.8V (24v)
Voltage increase Cut-in Voltage 11.7v (12v) / 24.2v (24v)
Cooling Temperature Range

Refrigeration: 0°C to + 12°C

Freezer: -12°C to -6°C

Propellant C₅H₁₀
Refrigerant R-134a
Refrigerant Quantity 48g
Weight 12.57Kg

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