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Dometic CoolPower Voltage Monitor

A 12 volt automatic low voltage protector that automatically cuts the power draw of the appliance connected from your boat battery to conserve battery power when necessary.

Part #: RF955
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Dometic CoolPower Voltage Monitor

The Dometic CoolPower voltage monitor automatic low voltage protector helps protector your car or boat battery from running out of power by disconnecting the appliance when voltage drops by using the built-in intelligent energy management system.

Depending on the battery voltage (how much power is left in the battery) the Dometic voltage monitor will automatically switch off the connected device from the voltage supply should there be a drop or loss in power to ensure that the vehicle can always be started again.

It has a standard in car cigarette 12 volt plug and a 12 volt socket with approximately 3 metres of wire. It should be long enough to reach from a car dashboard to the boot where a fridge can be stored or convienently located on board.


Voltage 12 volt
Maximum Load 5 amp
Switching Voltage full/save operation 12.8v
Switching Voltage save operation/cut off 11.6v (starter battery) 10.0v (supply battery)
Cut in Voltage 11.7v (starter battery) 10.2v (supply battery)
Wire Length approximately 3m

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