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Door Retaining Catch Alternate

A stainless steel and nylon 'clip-in' door retaining catch.

Part #: FF190B
Availability: In Stock

Door Retaining Catch Alternate

Position one part of the catch on a door and the other part on the 'retaining' wall in the correct location and the clips 'snap' together to hold the door where required. Simply pull to separate the retaining catch to shut the door.

Two fixing holes are located on each part of the catch to securely fasten the unit.

Door Retaining Catch Specifications

Base Width 27mm
Base Height 29mm
Base Depth 31mm
Base Fixing Hole Centres 14mm
Clip Width 29mm
Clip Height 15mm
Clip Depth 25mm
Clip Fixing Hole Centres 20mm
Clipped Together Depth 36mm

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