Battery Master Switch - 2 Battery
  • Battery Master Switch - 2 Battery
  • Battery Master Switch - 2 Battery
  • Battery Master Switch - 2 Battery

Dual Battery Master Switch

A battery master switch for dual battery systems that can be wired into boat electrics to switch power on or off. Complete with a push-release lock and three 'battery on' options.

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Battery Master Switch - 2 Battery (EL013)


Dual Battery Master Switch Information

The TMC Technology Corporation battery master switch can be wired into to dual battery systems and has a push-release lock to hold the switch in the correct position safely.

This battery master switch can be fitted to either a positive or negative circuit with a maximum load of 350 amps (on a 6 volt system) up to 24 volts with a continuous rating of 300 amps (on a 6 volt system); ideal for 6 volt, 12 volt or 24 volt boat electrical systems.

The rotary switch spins 360 degrees and locks into one of four possible positions; 'OFF', '1', '2' and 'BOTH'. The push-release lock allows the movement of the rotary switch and when a position is selected the lock will click into place for safe usage.

The battery switch is constructed of robust plastic with metal terminals and four fixing holes to help ensure a sturdy fit to the installation.

TMC Battery Master Switch Load Ratings

  Continuous Load Maximum Load  (Peaking briefly)
6 Volt 300 amps 550 amps
12 Volt 150 amps 175 amps
24 Volt 75 amps 88 amps

Please note: Load Rating information is provided by the supplier.

TMC Battery Master Switch Specifications

Height 138mm
Width 138mm
Depth 66mm
Fixing Hole Centres 110mm

Please note: It is important to select a suitable battery switch for your boats electrical system.

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