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Anchor Marine Fender Inflator Kit

The Anchor Marine boat fender inflator kit is a selection of fender inflation adaptors suitabl for Anchor Marine fenders.

By Anchor Marine : 0310
Part #: FR900
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Anchor Marine Fender Inflator Kit

This Anchor Marine boat fender inflation pack comes complete with a 'football' valve inflation nozzle, a one-way valve, o ring and three different styles of valve bungs and is suitable for Anchor Marine fenders and Norfloat International fenders.

Why does my boat fender slowly deflate?

Boat fenders, much like car tyres, are filled with air that is under pressure to give a soft, bouncy finish. Car tyres provide a smooth ride and inflated boat fenders help to cushion minor impacts with river banks and other vessels.

You may well be familiar with the fact that car pressures increase and decrease with the pressure in the atmosphere, certainly, when you put you car in for a service your tyres are likely checked for the correct pressure; if this is incorrect, it maybe adjusted. Boat fenders also need this attention, although we do tend to leave fenders to themselves during the colder times!

Boat fenders do act in the same way; even in storage our marine Boat Fenders constantly change in pressure. Fenders can usually, quite easily, be re-inflated or deflated to the desired pressure, our Boat Fenders all have easy to use adjustable valves for this very reason.

Of course, fenders do have a life span, UV in the sunlight does deteriorate all PVC slowly. Valves do fail too, and heavy impacts can also cause irreparable damage by compressing joints and seams which, unfortunately, cannot be fixed cost effectively.

So, it maybe worth trying to re-inflate your boat fender with the inflator kit and a Compact 'Quicker Pump' Hand Air Pump, a handy product to stow on board your boat anyway, and give the fender a little time to see if it has a leak or, it is the change in pressure that affects the fender.

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