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Fireblitz Fire Blanket

A hard cased fire blanket for smothering small fires, carrying the correct standards as required for the boat safety scheme.

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Fireblitz Fire Blanket (SY010)

By: Fireblitz, Part No.: FBB110-HP
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Manufactured to the standards required for the Boat Safety Scheme.

This hard cased boat fire blanket is compact in size and contains a 1m x 1m fire resistant glass fibre blanket featuring two pull tags, the case is made of a rigid plastic with an eyelet to allow easy hanging.

This is a Boat Safety Scheme compliant fire blanket as it meets the standards required for the boat safety scheme, the fire blanket is kitemarked and manufactured to BS EN 1869:1997.

This fire blanket is ideal for smothering small fires and works by smothering the fire which excludes air from the fire thus extinguishing it. To operate simply pull the tapes downwards and outwards to release the fire blanket.

Fireblitz Fire Blanket Specifications

Height 214mm
Width 165mm
Depth 40mm
Blanket Size 1m x 1m