Economy Flagstaff & Ensign Kit - 3/4 Yard
  • Economy Flagstaff & Ensign Kit - 3/4 Yard
  • Freeman Flagstaff & Ensign Economy Kit - 3/4 Yard

Flagstaff & Ensign Kit

A popular universal wooden flagstaff and printed Red Ensign kit complete with plastic cleat and hoisting line.

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Economy Flagstaff & Ensign Kit - 3/4 Yard (DF280A)


Economy Flagstaff & Ensign Kit - 1 Yard (DF280B)


Flagstaff & Ensign Kit Information

A fully varnished wooden flag pole with a printed British Maritime flag (Red Ensign), a plastic cleat and hoisting string which can be flown from the stern on all British registered civilian vessels to signify the crafts category.

This popular universal wooden flagstaff and Red Ensign kit can fit flagstaff sockets from approximately 22mm (7/8") and 28mm (1 1/8").

This kit provides the basic set up for a stern flag pole for boats from approximately 22 foot to 27 foot in length (this is not to say that it is ideal for every situation and each scenario may require adaptations in flagstaff or Red Ensign size).

Included in the Flagstaff & Ensign Kit

  • 80cm Wooden Flagstaff
  • Printed Red Ensign
  • Plastic Flagstaff Cleat
  • Support Cord
  • Stainless Steel Screws (x2)

Please note: These wooden flagstaffs are made from natural raw materials thus the colour and texture may differ depending on the wood used. To try and match an existing wood colour a phone call to us may be useful, we will try our best to supply a suitable wooden flagstaff.

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