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Floating Cork Ball Keyrings

Classic boating cork keyring designed to keep your keys afloat.

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Cork Ball Keyring - Single (GW021)


Cork Ball Keyring - Double (GW021A)


Floating Cork Ball Keyrings Information

Cork ball keyrings, the simplest and still the most favoured way to keep your keys afloat if they fall overboard.

A large buoyant cork ball on a cord with a split ring to attach your keys. Not quite as small as some modern pocket sized floating keyring designs; but why hide that you own a boat! Best of all, it is completely reusable too, unlike some of the more fancy keyring gadgets.

Floating Cork Ball Keyring Specifications

  GW021 GW021A
Diameter 50mm 50mm (x2)
Length 200mm 220mm

Please note: It is important to check your keys will be supported before actual use.

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