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Freeman 22 Mk1 External Window Rubber Kits

A complete Freeman Cruiser 22 Mk1 standard cabin external window rubber kit including the external sealing rubbers and insert.

Freeman 22 Mk1 External Window Rubber Kit with Chrome Insert

By Freeman Cruisers : FW300A
Part #: FW300A
Availability: In Stock

Freeman 22 Mk1 External Window Rubber Kit with Black Insert

By Freeman Cruisers : FW300B
Part #: FW300B
Availability: In Stock


Freeman 22 Mk1 External Window Rubber Kits

This Freeman Cruiser 22 Mk1 cabin window external rubber kit is for the renewal of the external materials that are used to make up the window installation for all six cabin windows; the top front-facing window, the bottom front-facing window, the two small side vent windows, and the two large rear windows.

These replacement Freeman boat window rubber kits include the materials for the six cabin windows providing flexibility with your window refurbishment project. This external rubber window kit is used to hold the window frame into the window gap on the boat and is available with either a chrome tightening insert or a black insert.

During the manufacture of the Freeman 22 Mk1 there were three types of large rear cabin windows used; Type A: Auster Quarterlight, Type B: Beatonson and Type C: Marsh Walters (see images above for reference).

Which Freeman Cruiser is this window rubber kit suitable for?

This boat window rubber kit is suitable for the standard windows on the Freeman 22 Mk1 only. This kit provides the external materials for all three large window styles including the Auster Quarterlight design, Beatonson design, and Marsh Walters design, all used during different years of manufacturer.


  FW300A FW300B
Insert Chrome Black
Suitable for Freeman 22 Mk1
Please Note

This is a 'Standard' window rubber kit that has been carefully designed to fit the majority of original Freeman 22 Mk1 cruisers. Today, some Freeman Cruisers may well have been adapted, changed, enhanced and modified since being manufactured so may not be a 'Standard' fit. It is important to indentify the windows you have before trying to fit a 'Standard' Freeman Window Rubber Kit. If you have any questions please contact us.

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