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Freeman 22 Mk2 Windscreen Canopy Batten

Made in the United Kingdom

A purpose shaped windscreen mounting hood batten for the Freeman Cruiser 22 Mk2 type windscreens.

Freeman 22 Mk2 Hood Batten

By Freeman Cruisers
Part #: HF066A
Availability: In Stock

Freeman 22 Mk2 Windscreen Canopy Batten

The Freeman Cruiser 22 Mk2 Hood Batten provides support for the canopy so it is can be attached to the windscreen. The hood material is attached to the hood batten which then attaches to the windscreen with Batten Saddles.

This Freeman canopy batten is shaped to fit the Freeman 22 Mk2 type windscreen. It is a full length batten that spans the width of the windscreen and is shaped accordingly.


Compatibility Fits the Freeman 22 Mk2 type windscreen.

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