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Freeman 24/27 Rubbing Strake Rubber

Made in the United Kingdom

Rubber insert for the Freeman Cruiser rubbing strakes found on the Freeman 24's and 27's. The rubber insert is designed to fender impacts that may occur.

Part #: FW013A
Availability: In Stock

Freeman 24/27 Rubbing Strake Rubber

The Freeman Cruiser Rubbing Strake Rubber often found on the Freeman 24's and 27's is available by the coil which is suitable for the entire distance around the boat. Simply inserted into the original channel this rubber insert provides a protective buffer below the toe rail.

Not only does new rubber enhance the boats aesthetics it is also important in helping to preserve the structure and well being of the boat. It is designed to cushion impacts and disperse any pressure along the channel. With a sound and pliable rubber insert you may find that minor bumps will not cause major problems and could potentially help save any major structural repair.

How to install:

There really isn't much to be done when installing new rubbing strake rubber. Simply remove the old rubber and clean the aluminium channels (we find that using a good boat wash such as Boat Wash in a Bottle is sufficient).

It may be wise to clean and polish the visible edges of the aluminium channel at the same time. Aluminium and metal cleaners can be found here.

You can now begin to insert the rubber into the channel, starting where it is most suitable, simply pushing the two 'holding edges' into the channels.

You can finish the job by applying a layer of rubber moisturiser which will keep the rubbing strake rubber pliable and leave the boat looking bright and refreshed.

It really is a satisfying job to have completed once you finally get to look at the finished product!

Freeman 24/27 Rubbing Strake Rubber Specifications

Suitable for Freeman 24's & 27's
Colour Black
Please Note

Not all Freeman 24's and 27's have this style of rubbing strake (aluminium and rubber insert). It is important to check which configuration the boat has before ordering. Some have a wood backing with a smaller aluminium channel and a smaller rubber insert as generally found on the Freeman 22's and 23's. Please contact us if you are unsure.

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