Freeman Fitted Cover Overview on a Freeman 26
  • Freeman Fitted Cover Overview on a Freeman 26
  • Freeman Fitted Cover - Navy on a Freeman Cruiser 22 Mk2
  • Freeman Fitted Cover Bow Velcro Rope Tab
  • Freeman Fitted Cover Twin Zipped Door Opening on a Freeman Cruiser 26
  • Freeman Fitted Cover Protective Door Zip and Velcro
  • Freeman Fitted Covers NextGen Mooring Line Velcro Tabs
  • Freeman Fitted Covers NextGen Stitching
  • Freeman Fitted Covers NextGen Tie Down Tab
  • Freeman Fitted Covers - Navy Velcro Mooring Tab
  • Freeman Fitted Covers - Navy Blue Bow Fitment
  • Freeman Fitted Covers - Navy Blue Rope Fixing Tab
  • Freeman Fitted Covers NextGen Overall Fitted
  • Freeman Fitted Covers NextGen Two-Zipped Doors
  • Freeman Fitted Covers NextGen Bow Design
  • Freeman Fitted Cover Material Colours

Freeman Fitted Covers

The Freeman Cruiser fitted cover has been specially designed to help protect your Freeman Cruiser from the elements and the new NextGen version sees many improvements including colour choice!

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Freeman Fitted Covers Information

The Freeman Fitted Covers have been designed to help protect your Freeman from the elements, allowing you to easily cover your boat whether it's in or out of the water. Use your fitted cover as a Freeman winter cover or use it all year round while your boat is on it's mooring. Don't spend all season cleaning your boat, clean it once and keep it protected with a fitted cover while you're not using it, keeping your boat sparkling clean ready for your next trip.

The New NextGen Freeman Cruiser Covers launched in 2020, what's changed?

In 2020 we 're-imagined' the covers and we now have the NextGen design available to order for some of the range (so far!); so what's new?

  • Improved craftmanship throughout.
  • Renewed patterening for better fit.
  • Improved material.
  • Material colour choice available.
  • Two twin-zipped square access doors on each side for more convenience.
  • Improved stiching and dart design.
  • More tie down tabs.
  • Stronger Velcro mooring rope tabs and more!

What are the Main benefits of a Freeman Fitted Cover:

  • Easy to fit ashore or afloat.
  • Easy to put away.
  • Provides protection from the elements.
  • Keeps your boat looking cleaner for longer.
  • Prolong the life of your canopy by keeping it protected from the sun.
  • Allows access to your boat without removal.
  • Specially designed for the Freeman Range.

Each Freeman Fitted Cover features easy access zipped openings on either side, allowing easy access in to the boat without having to remove the cover. The covers can be fitted and used in or out of the water, they pull tight around the rubbing strake and feature additional tie down tags which allow you to run a rope under the boat when it is out of the water for extra fixing.

The fitted covers also feature Velcro flaps which allow your mooring ropes to pass through when your Freeman is on it's mooring in the water. The material features extra strengthening on the hard wearing areas, such as where the corners of the windscreen support the cover.

What does the Freeman Fitted Cover come complete with:

  • Two twin-zipped openings for access into the cockpit (one on each side).
  • Draw string ties which pull the cover around the bottom of the rubbing strake.
  • Tie down tabs all around for additional fixing.
  • Available in several colour choices.
  • Velcro flaps for mooring ropes to go through if covering while your boat is afloat.
  • Extra durable padding at hard wearing areas.

All styles of the Freeman Fitted Covers are designed for particular Freeman models in order to achieve a better fit.

  • For example there are different covers to suit the Freeman 22 Mk2, the Freeman 22 Mk2 with a hardtop, the Freeman 23 range, Freeman 24's and Freeman 27's etc.

As the boat covers are made to order they may be able to be adapted to suit your particular Freeman Boat and your various add-ons! You can have your fitted cover made to accept Freeman Davits, extra features such as TV aerials, large spotlights or other items that cannot be removed from the cabin roof. For thos we will require additional information and measurements.

If you want to keep your Freeman Cruiser protected and clean the Freeman Fitted Cover is for you. Freeman Fitted Covers are made to order so please telephone for more information and to order.

How long does a Freeman Fitted Cover take to make?

The normal manufactruring time is approximately eight weeks. There is a vast amount of craftmanship involved in making such a large piece so it does take a little time. It is important to understand that this is just an idea and during peak times (usually towards the winter) manufacturing times may be extended so it is wise to plan well ahead.

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For more details and information on ordering either telephone or come and visit us.

01491 652085

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