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Freeman Gelcoat

Freeman Cruisers coloured gelcoat for repairing chips and knocks to the gelcoat top coat of your Freeman Cruiser Boat.

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Freeman Stone Gelcoat (HT026)

By: Freeman Cruisers Part No.: HT026

Freeman Brown Gelcoat (HT030)

By: Freeman Cruisers Part No.: HT030

Freeman Gelcoat Information

These Freeman Cruisers coloured gelcoats are for repairing chips and knocks to the gelcoat top coats of your Freeman Cruiser boat.

These particular Freeman gelcoat colours are normally found on the New Style Freeman Cruiser range of boats and comprise of a re-sealable tin of gelcoat and a re-sealable hardener.

What is the difference between Gelcoat and Gelcoat Filler?

Freeman Gelcoat:

  • Has a lower viscosity and flows more easily than the Gelcoat Filler.
  • Can be applied by brush into a mould or directly into hairline cracks.
  • Provides an excellent shine finish.
  • Can be mixed with gelcoat additives such as Microballoons, microfibres & colloidal silica to modify the compound structure.

Freeman Gelcoat Filler:

  • Has a higher viscosity and holds itself more firmly than the Gelcoat.
  • Can be applied by spatula into small chips, scratches and knocks.
  • Can be easier to work with on vertical surfaces because it holds itself in position better.
  • Can be easier to sand down and work with.

Freeman Cruisers Gelcoat Specifications

  HT026 HT030
Quantity 500g
Colour Freeman Stone Freeman Brown

Included in the Freeman Gelcoat

  • Coloured Gelcoat Resin
  • Gelcoat Hardener

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