Gravely Catch Fastener and Plate
  • Gravely Catch Fastener and Plate
  • Freeman Gravely Catch Fastener

Freeman Gravely Catch Fastener

Chrome plated metal rotating gravely catch and plate.

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Freeman Gravely Catch Fastener & Plate (FF187)


Freeman Gravely Catch Fastener Information

The gravely catch is a useful spring loaded fastener which 'locks' into one of four positions holding the catch out of the way when not in use.

The original chrome gravely catch can be found on almost all Freeman Cruisers and is used to fasten hinged locker cupboards closed.

Gravely Catch Specifications

Catch Base Width 33mm
Catch Base Height 23mm
Catch Base Depth 20mm
Catch Base Fixing Hole Centres (Width / Height) 24mm / 14mm
Catch Plate Width 46mm
Catch Plate Height 23mm
Catch Plate Depth 2mm
Catch Plate Fixing Hole Centres 20mm

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