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Freeman Hatch Rubber

Hatch rubber seal, found on many Freeman Cruisers, helps keep the weather out.

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Freeman Hatch Rubber (FW001A)


Freeman Hatch Rubber Information

The replacement hatch rubber seal helps to prevent drafts and weather ingress from potentially damaging your boats cabin interior. The rubber seal fits around the hatch opening on many Freemans, those with built in recesses around the hatch, including the Freeman 23's, 24's, 27's & 32's.

The Hatch Seal can be attached to the boat with black silicone. It is generally easiest to align the rubber around the top edge of the recess first so you know how the rubber reacts around the tight corners. Then remove the rubber, apply silicone to the recess and place the rubber on top. Carefully close the hatch so that the rubber sits squarely on the edge, adjust if necessary, and rest some weight on top of the hatch until the silicone has dried.

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