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Freeman Rudder Seals

A pliable seal resists water entry from the rudder stock on most Freeman Cruisers.

Freeman 1" Rudder Seal

Part #: SG003A
Availability: In Stock

Freeman 1 1/4" Rudder Seal

Part #: SG003B
Availability: In Stock

Freeman 1 3/4" Rudder Seal

Part #: SG003C
Availability: In Stock


Freeman Rudder Seals

This seal is found at the top of Freeman Cruiser rudders, under the steering quadrant, bedded into the rudder stock and is normally changed when the Freeman rudder has been removed for any reason.

The seal sizes are internal measurements to match standard Freeman rudders.

Freeman Cruiser Gaco Seal Specifications

  SG003A SG003B SG003C
Diameter 1" 1 1/4" 1 3/4"


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