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Freeman Smiths Mechanical Water Temperature Gauge with Chrome Bezel

A classic 52mm mechanical water temperature gauge with a chrome bezel, as fitted to most Freeman Cruisers.

Part #: EC022
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Freeman Smiths Mechanical Water Temperature Gauge with Chrome Bezel

The Freeman Smiths Mechanical Water Temperature Gauge with Chrome Bezel is a classically styled black gauge with white writing, an analogue white needle and a shiny chrome bezel. The Smiths gauges are the original fitment on most Freeman Cruisers.

The electrical water temperature gauge has a scale from 30°C to 110°C to show the temperature of the engine cooling water. The gauge comes complete with a capillary wire and attached mechanical temperature sender. The temperature sender bulb and capillary contains a liquid which, when heated by the engine cooling water, produces a vapour that changes the pressure in the gauge and moves the needle on the gauge.

Freeman Cruiser Dashboard Gauges

These 52mm Smiths Mechanical Water Temperature Gauges were factory fitted by Freeman Cruisers and were fitted to most Freeman 22 Mk1, Freeman 22 Mk2, Freeman 23, Freeman 25 and Freeman 26 boats. In some instances, the electrical water temperature gauge may have been used on later boats.

Freeman Smiths Mechanical Water Temperature Gauge with Chrome Bezel Installation

The gauge requires a 52mm hole and will fit panels with a thickness from 0.5mm to approximately 15mm (although the bracket can be manipulated to fit larger thicknesses), this is achieved thanks to the long threaded stud and fixing plate used to lock the water temperature gauge in position.

The Smiths mechanical water temperature gauge requires no wiring unless you wish to use the illumination, in which case the bulb holder requires a positive and negative feed.

The capillary cable and temperature sender bulb is permanently connected to the gauge and cannot be removed. Extreme care must be taken when routing the capillary cable and when bolting the sender bulb into the engine. If the capillary becomes damaged or cracked the internal liquid evaporates immediately and cannot be refilled without sending the gauge back and having a new capillary fitted.

It is important to disconnect the battery before installing any gauges. Especially as the capillary is metal and could cause a short during installation.

Converting From a Mechanical Water Temperature Gauge to an Electrical Water Temperature Gauge

It is possible to convert your Freeman from this original Mechanical Water Temperature Gauge to the Electrical Water Temperature Gauge, however, it is worth bearing in mind that you will require the gauge, a sender and the voltage regulator. Also, this electrical water temperature gauge will not work on early positive earth Freemans (usually those with a dynamo fitted to the engine).


Voltage N/A
Scale 30°C to 110°C
Display Analogue Needle
Dial Colour Black
Text Colour White
Signal Built-In Sender
Capillary Length 1.98m (6ft 6")
Diameter 56mm
Cut Out Diameter 52mm
Depth 55mm
Depth With Studs 77mm
Minimum Clearance Behind 55mm
Dashboard Thickness 0.5mm to 15mm
Illumination 12v Incandescent Bulb
Connections N/A
Terminals N/A
Body Material Metal

What's Included

Please Note

The capillary and temperature sender cannot be removed from the gauge and great care must be taken while handling and installing the mechanical water temperature gauge.

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