Fulton Outboard Motor Lok
  • Fulton Outboard Motor Lok
  • Fulton Outboard Motor Lok
  • Fulton Outboard Motor Lok
  • Fulton Outboard Motor Lok
  • Fulton Outboard Motor Lok

Fulton Outboard Motor Lock

A secure outboard motor lock with solid rectangular heavy gauge steel casing which mounts over the outboard mounting clamp handles.

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Fulton Outboard Motor Lock (OB502)

By: Fulton, Part No.: F2532

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Fulton Outboard Motor Lock Information

The Fulton Outboard Motor Lock is a uniquely designed outboard motor lock which encases the outboards mounting clamp handles.

The solid and robust  heavy gauge steel casing design fits tightly round many outboard motor mounting clamp handles which sits amongst foam padding to absorb sound and help to reduce noise and vibration when the engine is in use. The protective, long lasting, black powder coat finish also provides years of protection against rust and corrosion.

This outboard lock features a key lock, secure, barrel mechanism which, when turned, locks and releases and is housed within a weather resistant cap. One the reverse side of the outboard lock there are two slots for the outboard clamp handles to be placed into, these slots are configured to fit many different outboard engine designs. The underside features two drain holes to also prevent water build up.

Outboard Motor Lock Specifications

Height 40mm
Width 380mm
Depth 40mm
Clamp Handle Slot "A" Width 48mm
Clamp Handle Slot "B" Width 116mm

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