Anchor Chain - 6mm (1/4")
  • Anchor Chain - 6mm (1/4")
  • Galvanised Anchor Chain

Galvanised Anchor Chain

Galvanised mild steel anchor chain, a strong chain link for use with boat anchors and mud weights.

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Galvanised Anchor Chain - 6mm (1/4") x 1m (FE004)

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Galvanised Anchor Chain - 8mm (5/16") x 1m (FE005)


Galvanised Anchor Chain Information

This galvanised mild steel, un-calibrated, boat anchor chain is strong and robust chain link that can be used to connect a boats anchor to the anchoring point onboard.

Galvanised Anchor Chain Specifications

  FE004 FE005
Chain Link Diameter 6mm 8mm
Chain Width 22mm 38mm
Chain Height 30mm 40mm
Internal Width 8mm 11mm
Internal Height 19mm 25mm

Please note: Anchor Chain cut to a bespoke length cannot be returned.

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