Galvanised Bollards
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Galvanised Bollards

Galvanised mooring bollard for tying ropes to whilst mooring.

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Galvanised Bollard - 150mm (DF925B)


Galvanised Bollard - 100mm (DF925A)

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Galvanised Bollards Information

Non-polished galvanised mooring bollard for tying ropes to whilst mooring with four counter sunk fixing holes.

These galvanised mooring bollards are especially useful as dock bollards due to their weather durability.

Galvanised Bollard Specifications

  DF925A DF925B
Length 100mm 150mm
Width 23mm 26mm
Height 58mm 75mm
Base Diameter 71mm 89mm
Fixing Hole Centres 51mm 61mm