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Hand Windscreen Wiper

Classic manual windscreen wiper arm and blade complete with a chrome plated handle.

Hand Windscreen Wiper with 11" Blade

Part #: DF258A
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Hand Windscreen Wiper with 14" Blade

Part #: DF258
Availability: In Stock


Hand Windscreen Wiper

If your boat does not have a power supply or you want to save on power consumption then this manual hand windscreen wiper unit is ideal.

The windscreen wiper slots directly through an existing windscreen wiper motor hole and allows you to physically wipe the screen.

It comes complete with a chrome plated manual wiper handle, a stainless steel wiper arm and a wiper blade.


  DF258 DF258A
Shaft Length 57mm
Shaft Diameter 11mm
Spindle Diameter 6mm
Handle Length 80mm
Wiper Arm Length (min-max) 178-305mm (7"-12") 178-280mm (7"-11")
Wiper Arm Male Slide Clip Width 5mm
Wiper Blade Length 14" (356mm) 11" (280mm)

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