Head Treatment System

Toilet (Head) Treatment System

A toilet (head) flush treatment system to help eliminate smells and odours.

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Head Treatment System (TT019)


Toilet (Head) Treatment System Information

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The flush (rinse) is a common and often over looked source of toilet odour.

The toilet (head) treatment system is designed to help eliminate odour from your boat toilets fresh flush (rinse) water and plumbing.

This standard head treatment system is for localised use, one unit should be fitted per toilet, between the toilet pump and the toilet bowl. The system is not suitable for toilets that flush from the on board fresh water tank.

  • Combats toilet smells
  • Combats micro-growth in the flush
  • Cleans the toilet bowl and plumbing
  • Reduces mineral/solids (scale) build-up
  • Deodourises as it cleans
  • Environmentally safe (No Formaldehyde)
  • Fast and simple to fit and refill
  • Keeps your toilet system clean and fragrant

The flush treatment system is easy to fit and includes everything you need to install the system to your boat toilet. Included in the kit is a T piece bottle adapter which fits in the pipe, two hose clips, a head treatment system bottle (suitable for approximately 400 flushes) and an o-ring. The bottle is simply screwed (with the supplied o-ring) into the adapter.

Head treatment system refills are available individually and are easy to fit, simply rotate the T piece bottle adapter, unscrew the old refill, check the o-ring is still in place, screw in the new refill and rotate the adapter back in to it's original position.

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