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Hempel Anti-Slip Pearls

Anti-slip granules suitable for all types of paint for use where a non-slip surface is required.

Hempel Anti-Slip Additive

By Hempel Paint
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Hempel Anti-Slip Pearls

Our thoughts...

Hempel is the new name of the famous British brand Blakes Paints; the name change happened in January 2011.

Hempel Anti-Slip pearls consist of very fine granules of low density polyethylene that can be added to paint, such as deck coating (deck paint), where an anti-slip surface is required. Simply add the required amount to the paint for a hard wearing anti-slip surface.

When using the anti-slip granules the packet contains enough granules for approximately one 750ml can of paint, a higher concentration may be required with other types of paint.


Quantity 50g
Approximate Usage 40g per 750ml of paint

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