Hempel Broads Antifoul 2.5L
  • Hempel Broads Antifoul 2.5L
  • Hempel/Blakes Broads Antifoul - 2.5 Litres

Hempel/Blakes Broads Antifoul - 2.5L

Self polishing, erodible antifouling. Hempel Broads antifoul offers medium strength antifoul specifically designed to reduce paint build up and give a good performance.

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Hempel/Blakes Broads Antifoul - 2.5L Information

Our thoughts...

Hempel is the new name of the famous British brand Blakes Paints; the name change happened in January 2011.

Medium strength copper based antifouling specifically designed to reduce paint build up, giving excellent performance in both fresh salt and brackish waters.

Erodible (self polishing) antifoul based on a resin system packed with active ingredients to repel/discourage fouling growth, once immersed the resin breaks down in a controlled manner, continually exposing a fresh layer of biocide to the water. This provides consistently good performance throughout the sailing season and reduces the build up of old antifouling on the hull.

This particular antifoul is best suited for moderate to low fouling areas with low water flow rate and can provide protection for up to one season afloat in all waters including fresh water, brackish water and salt water.

Antifouling, or bottom painting, is an important task that helps maintain your boat and can aid in the prevention of osmosis. Antifoul paint is specially designed to erode away gradually while the boat is moving through the water washing away foul matter like algae and mussels that attach themselves to your boat whilst it is moored up.

Suitable for all substrates except aluminium.

How antifouling works:

Antifouling paints release bioactive ingredients. The bioactive materials used today are mainly cuprous oxide and booster organic biocides. They are water soluble and, when released, lethal to fouling organisms.

Hempel Antifouling can be applied with a brush or roller and can be painted directly on to old antifoul paint and is suitable for all waters. An Underwater Primer should be used beforehand on unpainted surfaces.

Hempel/Blakes Broads Antifoul - 2.5L Specification

Quantity 2.5L
Coverage 12.5m²/L
Film Thickness 40 micron (dry) / 75 micron (wet)
Touch Dry at 10°C 8 Hours
Touch Dry at 20°C 4 Hours
Working Time at 10°C Minimum 8 Hours
Working Time at 20°C Minimum 4 Hours
Launching Time Minimum 24 Hours / Maximum 2 Weeks
Thinners & Tool Cleaner Thinners No.3 (808) (spray application)

Please note: Although care is taken to match paint colours as accurately as possible, digital colour displays can alter the appearance of colours and does not allow exact colour reproduction. We suggest that you check for accuracy before applying.

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