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Hempel Pre-Clean

A concentrated, water soluble cleaning and degreasing agent for the removal of grease, fuel, oil, wax and silicone.

Hempel Pre-Clean Cleaner

By Hempel Paint : 67602-09990-1L
Part #: BP023
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Hempel Pre-Clean

Our thoughts...

Hempel is the new name of the famous British brand Blakes Paints; the name change happened in January 2011.

Hempel Pre-Clean is a high strength, biodegradable, water soluble surface cleaner which is especially designed for areas with stubborn stains or heavily contaminated plastic surfaces. Ideal for cleaning fuel, oil, grease, wax and silicone from surfaces before painting.

A useful cleaner for use before painting your boat; remove dust, dirt and grease with Surface Cleaner so that the surface is free from 'alien' matter which may prevent good paint adhesion.

It is ideal for use before deck painting, degreasing between paint coats or before waxing surfaces.

Hempel Pre-Clean Specifications

Quantity 1L

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