Henderson Chimp Removable Handle

Henderson Chimp Removable Handle

A removable handle with lanyard that is suitable for the Henderson Chimp Mk1 & Mk2 hand pump.

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Henderson Chimp Removable Handle (EC903)

By: Henderson, Part No.: AS0120

This item is not currently available

This product has been discontinued and is currently unavailable.

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Henderson Chimp Removable Handle Information

This Henderson Chimp Mk1 & Mk2 removable handle with lanyard fits into the Henderson pump removable handle rocker arm to pump the pump diaphragm on the Henderson Chimp Mk1 & Mk2 hand pumps.

The Henderson pump handle is a removable stainless steel handle with a rubber hand grip and lanyard.

Which Henderson Pump is this suitable for?

The Henderson Chimp removable handle is suitable for Henderson MH0155, Henderson MH0165 and Henderson MH0230 hand pumps. It can also be used to convert​ Henderson MH0115 and Henderson MH0210 pumps.

Henderson Chimp Removable Handle Specifications

Compatible with Henderson Chimp Mk1 & Mk2 Pumps

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