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Intruder Alarm with Rodent Repeller

A 12/24/240 volt intruder alarm with built in sensitivity senor, strobe light, continuously flashing red warning light, a 'panic' siren and rodent repeller.

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Intruder Alarm with Rodent Repeller (SY950)

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Intruder Alarm with Rodent Repeller Information

This boat intruder alarm is a useful deterrent device to have onboard your boat. The boat alarm is a two-in-one intruder alarm and rodent/insect repellent. Using modern technologies this alarm features ultrasonic alarms, strobe lighting and a high pitched, loud alarm siren (that can be heard up to 2000ft away) to deter intruders and wildlife away from your boat.

Even the visible presence of an alarm unit onboard can deter some criminal activity and the loud noise & bright strobe light can be useful at gaining attention from passerbys and mooring residents should anything happen.

The unique feature of this boat alarm is that it also emits a very high pitch noise (higher than most peoples hearing) that only animals can hear. This noise is not a pleasant noise for animals so they just stay clear and should not board your boat. The rodent alarm is a non-toxic way of repelling unwanted visitors during the night! If however the animal is slightly more cunning, there is also a fast flashing strobe light installed on the alarm unit for a visual deterrent.

Boat Alarm Remote Control Features

The boat alarm remote control is a simple to use, four button, keyring alarm control for quick and easy alarm activation. The remote controls four functions to your boat alarm.

  1. The Turbo Button (Red Button): When pressed, the 'emergency' turbo button activates all of the alarm functions instantly for approximately 20 seconds. This means that the alarm siren and strobe light will be activated to surprise/startle unwanted intruders. A simple press of this button is useful if you are unable to contact anyone for assistance in the heat of the moment.
  2. The Strobe Light Button: By pressing the strobe light button the strobe light on the alarm will flash for 20 seconds. This is useful if large animals have made a presence and require persuasion to move on.
  3. The Alarm Button: By pressing the alarm button the alarm siren and sensors will be activated in 20 seconds. Pressing the button again deactivates the alarm siren and sensors.
  4. The Standby Button: When pressed is used to activate the alarm system and sensors ready for action so that you can remotely switch ON the alarm sensors while leaving your boat. Pressing the button for a second time deactivates the alarm system and sensors. Much like a car alarm system, you can press the alarm button when approaching your boat to switch the alarm off thus avoiding setting the alarm off with your presence. Deactivation can be done up to 80ft away.

Included in the Boat Alarm Kit

  • Boat Intruder Alarm and Rodent/Insect Repellent Alarm
  • Alarm Remote Control (Battery Included)
  • 12/24 Volt 'cigarette light' Plug (1.8m Cable)
  • 240 Volt Transformer Plug (1.8m Cable)
  • Extension Cable (approximately 10m)
  • Fitting Kit (1x 60x16mm Velcro Strap, 1x 80x50mm Velcro Strap, 1x Wall Hook, 1x Lanyard & 2x Screws and Wall Plugs)
  • Instruction Manual

Boat Alarm Specifications

Voltage 12v / 24v / 240v
Amperage 0,4 amps
Security Alarm Sound Pressure 110dB (adjustable +/- 5dB)
Ultrasonic Frequency 15KHz to 50KHz (adjustable)
Strobe Light approximately 10 times every 20 seconds
Infrared Sensor Range approximately 30ft
Infrared Control Range approximately 80ft
Height 135mm
Width 168mm
Depth 90mm
Cable Length approximately 10m