Isotherm Cruise 42 Refrigerator
  • Isotherm Cruise 42 Refrigerator
  • Isotherm Cruise 42 Classic Refrigerator
  • Isotherm Cruise 42 Classic Refrigerator
  • Isotherm Cruise 42 Classic Refrigerator

Isotherm Cruise 42 Classic Refrigerator

A 12 or 24 volt refrigerator with separately insulated freezer compartment, low voltage protection and front facing door with built-in bottle holder.

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Isotherm Cruise 42 Classic Refrigerator (RF008)

By: Isotherm Part No.: CR 42 Classic
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Isotherm Cruise 42 Classic Refrigerator Information

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This refrigerator complies with the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) directive and is CE marked.

This Isotherm Cruise refrigerator is a side loading fridge with a separately insulated freezer compartment and is ideal for keeping food and drinks cold onboard your boat or caravan. The Isotherm Cruise 42 Classic has a 42 litre capacity fridge and a 4 litre capacity freezer unit yet has very usable dimensions for boats and caravans where space saving is a top priority. With a removable compressor that can be mounted away from the fridge itself this boat fridge if ideal is space is short onboard.

Isotherm Cruise 42 Classic Refrigerator Key Features

  • 12 or 24 volt power supply (with the ability to run on 230 volt with a mains adapter)
  • Low power consumption
  • 42 litre fridge capacity
  • 4 litre freezer capacity
  • Fully hermetic (airtight) Danfoss refrigerator compressor unit which improves performance and efficiency
  • Compressor is mounted on the exterior of the fridge and can be moved & placed over 4ft away for better installation onboard if space is an issue
  • Built-in thermostatic control allows multiple choice of temperature settings
  • Low voltage protection
  • Internal shelves, compartment and large door mounted drinks holder
  • Innovative door lock system with the ability to keep the door on vent while not in use
  • Variable door orientation option for left or right hand opening
  • Magnetic fridge door seal for better efficiency
  • One piece inner lining of food-quality, high density plastic with rounded corners for easy cleaning and better hygiene
  • Constructed of corrosion resistant materials

This boat fridge is designed to be run on a 12 volt or 24 volt system (although not included, a mains adapter is also available if 230 volt supply is required) and has a removable compressor unit which allows for the compressor to be remote mounted away from the fridge unit itself which helps to improve the installation options if space onboard is limited. For example, when we fit this fridge to some of the Freeman Cruisers we are able to place the compressor unit in an unused compartment so that there is no waste of valuable space.

The built-in low voltage protection helps to protect your battery supply so that if the battery supply is too weak to operate the fridge at the operation setting it will automatically try to conserve power draw so that you have enough power left in the battery for other purposes (such as starting the engine).

Isotherm Cruise 42 Classic Refrigeration Specifications

Colour Grey
Fridge Capacity 42L
Freezer Capacity 4L
Voltage 12/24v
Height 530mm
Width 380mm
Depth (excluding compressor if removed) 475mm (365mm)
Internal Fridge Height 447mm
Internal Fridge Width 317mm
Internal Fridge Depth 260mm
Internal Freezer Height 80mm
Internal Freezer Width 236mm
Internal Freezer Depth 215mm
Amperage 5A (12v) / 2.5A (24v)

Included in the Isotherm Cruise 42 Classic Refrigerator

  • Isotherm Cruise 42 Classic Refigerator
  • Main compartment shelf complete with folding section which can be used if tall bottles need storing in the fridge
  • Low door shelf
  • Upper door shelf
  • Ice cube tray
  • Freezer defrosting drain tray

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