Jabsco Impeller Kit - 6303-0003
  • Jabsco Impeller Kit - 6303-0003
  • Jabsco Impeller Kit - 6303-0003

Jabsco 6303-0003-P Impeller Kit

A replacement Jabsco 6303-0003-P nitrile water pump impeller and gasket kit.

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Jabsco 6303-0003 Impeller Kit (J702A)

By: Jabsco Part No.: 6303-0003-P

Jabsco 6303-0003-P Impeller Kit Information

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It is advisable to carry a spare water pump impeller as they can go at any time. Luckily it's a relatively easy job to replace, as long as you have a spare!

The Jabsco 6303-0003-P impeller kit includes a nitrile impeller (suitable for pumping water, oil and toilet waste material) featuring a single flat drive and six blades; the kit also includes popular gaskets and lubricant to help replace your old pump impeller.

Included in the Jabsco 6303-0003-P Impeller Kit

  • Impeller (6303-0003)
  • Paper Gasket (1985-0010)
  • Paper Gasket (18596-1000) (x2)
  • O-Ring Gasket (18753-0660)
  • O-Ring Gasket (Johnson 05-06-590)
  • Impeller Lubricant

Jabsco 6303-0003-P Substitutes

This Jabsco impeller can be used as a substitute for the following:

  • Jabsco Water Puppy
  • Jabsco '37010- Series' Electric Toilets
  • Jabsco '18950- Series' Macerators
  • Johnson Impeller: 09-824P
  • It can also be used on other common macerators.

Jabsco 6303-0003-P Specifications

Drive Type Single Flat
Blades 6
Profile H
Material Nitrile
Diameter 51mm (2")
Width 22mm (7/8")
Shaft Diameter 8mm (5/16")

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