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Jabsco Par Max 3 Shower Waste & Drain Pump

A pressure-controlled 12 volt, self priming, fresh water pump with multiple diaphragms and Pump Gard strainer for efficient pump action that can run dry without damage.

By Jabsco : 31610-0092
Part #: WA415
Availability: Discontinued
This product has been discontinued and is currently unavailable.

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Jabsco Par Max 3 Shower Waste & Drain Pump

The Jabsco Par Max 3 Shower Waste & Drain pump is suitable for use as a bilge pump or waste water removal pump (from a shower or sink). This Jabsco pressure-controlled 12 volt drain pump has a four piston, multiple diaphragm design for self priming and efficient pump action which can run dry without damage and runs quietly with automatic thermal overload cut-out protection, ensuring the pump does not get damaged form over running.

This 12 volt self-priming diaphragm pump can produce an output of up to 13 litres per minute (2.9 gallons/minute) and it can self-prime up to 2.5m (8ft) vertical lift a maximum head of 1m, allowing the pump to be positioned above wet bilges and still produce a smooth flow.

The Jabsco self-priming diaphragm pump complies with USCG 183.410, ISO 8846 Marine (Ignition Protected) and EN 50081-1 Electro Magnetic Compatibility.

Connection to the pump is easy, either directly through the supplied 19mm (3/4") hose connectors or through Hep20 push-fit connectors (not supplied). The pump also comes complete with a Pump Gard inline water strainer.

Jabsco Par Max 3 Shower Waste & Drain Pump Specifications

Length 196mm
Height 100mm
Width 106mm
Applications Grey Waste Water / Bilge Water
Head 2.5m (8ft)
Output Up to 780 litres per hour (up to 13 litres per minute) / 174 gallons per hour (2.9 gallons per minute)
Inlet 19mm (3/4")
Outlet 19mm (3/4")
Voltage 12v
Maximum Amps 10 amps

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