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Jabsco Par Max HD4 Water Pump

A heavy duty pressure-controlled 12 volt fresh water pump, providing 15 Litres Per Minute with a marine protected motor, for efficient and longer-lasting pump action which can run dry without damage.

By Jabsco : Q401J-112S-3A
Part #: WA306
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Jabsco Par Max HD4 Water Pump

Product Highlights

Heavy Duty Motor
Upto 4 Outlets
15 Litres Per Minute (4 GPM)
12 Volt
25 Psi

The Jabsco Par Max HD4 is a pressure-controlled 12 volt fresh water pump with a marine protected heavy duty motor, sealed pressure switch and co-injected moulded diaphragms for self-priming. All this makes for an efficient and longer-lasting water pump that can run dry without damage and runs quietly with automatic thermal overload cut-out protection, ensuring the pump does not get damaged from overrunning.

The built-in pressure switch cuts out at 1.7bar (25psi) producing an efficient, high-flow, self-priming water pump that can supply four or more outlets.

The Jabsco Par Max HD4 pressure controlled pump has a multiple diaphragm design which allows the pump to self-prime up to 2.4m vertical lift. It has an output of 15 litres per minute (4 gallons per minute) with a maximum current of 8 amps.

The boat water system pressure pump comes with quick-clip port terminals for the supplied 1/2" hose tail fitting, other fittings are available separately.

When Should I Install a Pressure Water Pump?

If you wish to have water coming from your tap or shower when you turn the knobs as you would at home then a pressure controlled water pump is the answer. By opening the tap the pressure reduces and the pump starts pumping the water.

Why Should I Buy a Jabsco Par Max HD4

If you want a reliable, long-lasting heavy-duty water pump then this Jabsco HD4 is for you. It can supply a very good quantity of water to multiple outlets at the same time. The larger motor helps the pump last longer as it runs slower and therefore is quieter.

Installing the Jabsco Par Max HD4

The pump can be positioned either horizontally or vertically (with the pump head at the bottom and the motor at the top). It comes complete with approximately 30cm of attached cable (14 AWG / 2.5mm²) which can be extended with suitable cable depending on the length.

Replaces Jabsco Pumps Prior to 2021

As of 2021, the Jabsco Par Max HD4 water pump replaces the Jabsco Par Max 3.5 (32600-0292) and Jabsco Par Max 4 (31620-0292), Jabsco Par Max 4 Plus (82400-0392), Jabsco Par Max 5 (82500‐0392) and Jabsco Par Max 6 (82600‐0392) water pumps.

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Length 239mm
Height 97mm
Width 109mm
Applications Fresh Water
Output Up to 906 litres per hour (up to 15.1 litres per minute) at up to 1.7bar / 240 gallons per hour (4 gallons per minute) at up to 25psi
Cut Out Pressure 25 psi
Outlets 13mm (1/2")
Voltage 12v
Maximum Amps 8 amps
Suggested Fuse Size 15 amps
Warranty 3 Years

What's Included

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