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Jabsco Water Puppy Self-priming Pump

A powerful 12 volt self priming water pump for general purpose water transfer. This commercial brass water pump is also ignition protected and provides excellent flow rate.

By Jabsco : 23680-4003
Part #: WA009
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Jabsco Water Puppy Self-priming Pump

The Jabsco Water Puppy self priming water pump is a robust, solid bronze general purpose water transfer pump for fresh water, shower drain or bilge water systems. The impeller driven water pump has an exceptional flow rate and features ignition protection meeting both ISO 8846 Marine and ISO 8849 Marine safety standards.

 This boat water pump is easy to install using the four fixing feet and two pre-striped wires. It also has various repairable service items which can be changed if required.

Pumping up to 32 litres per minute (6.5 gallons per minute) with a maximum current of 3 1amps and self priming up to 1.2m, this pump features high output flow.


Length 184mm
Height 84mm
Width 120mm
Applications Fresh Water / Shower Drain / Bilge Water
Head 3m (10ft)
Output Up to 1920 litres per hour (up to 32 litres per minute) / 390 gallons per hour (6.5 gallons per minute)
Inlet 25mm (1") ID Hose or 1/2" BSP
Outlet 25mm (1") ID Hose or 1/2" BSP
Voltage 12v
Maximum Amps 13 amps

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