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Knots & Splices

A beautifully colour illustrated book of commonly-used knots and splices.

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Knots & Splices

This practical step-by-step guide to tying knots has essential information for all sailors and anyone wanting to tie knots.

The book clearly illustrates how to tie knots, splices and whippings through the use of clear sequential colour diagrams and a step-by-step approach. Each knot is shown in stages, the use for the knot and the good and bad points are highlighted for each knot.

This Knots and Splices book contains information on:

  • How to tie the 10 knots everyone should know
  • Many other useful knots
  • Splices and whippings
  • How to choose the right rope for the right situation
  • Information on the use of each knot
  • The benefits of each knot
  • Information on areas of a knot that need 'special care' (Illustrates where a knot may go wrong during creation).

A bit about the writers:

Steve Judkins - A member of the International Guild of Knot Tyers. He is a professional sailing instructor and was formerly in the Royal Navy, serving on HMY Brittania.

Tim Davison - A highly experienced sailor, who spends much of his time cruising the Mediterranean.

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